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Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.​"


Bruce Lee,

Martial Arts Instructor, Actor, Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Locker Room Unlimited

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(May 27th)

(Tori P VS Palmer Boi)1R6M

(L Gudda VS Kokane Mane)1R6M

​(Styles 1 VS Young Knightshade) 3R3M

(Lil K VS Lakeside Loou!!!)1R5M

(MpTwitt3r VS Knucklehead)3R3M

​(Raz McFly VS Herc The Great)3R3M

(Nick English VS Bruh Man)1R6M

(Tmm VS Fuol)3R3M

(CthaFuture VS Tu G)1R5M

Location: 2508 Hollywood Shreveport LA
6pm Admission: 10$

“Love What You Do Or Don't Do It.


Mark Cuban,



the world is watching 

Locker Room Unlimited



Founded: 2016

Owner: RayRay929

Certifications: NCIDQ certified


Areas of expertise:  Filming, Photography, Editing, Event Planing, Green Screen. 

Music Videos, Battle Rap, Photography, Apparel & Much More  Contact Us 


At Ratchet Rap our goal is to meet any performance needs with innovation and design. The services provided at Ratchet Rap will captivate your audience. Ratchet Rap will be your go to for anything pertaining to Hip Hop, filming, style, and event planning. Ratchet Rap knows what it means to deliver best in class service.... We know the world is watching.




​(Lady Leo VS Pretty P)

(Styles 1 VS Warden)3R3M

Location: TBA
6pm Admission: TBA